The following feedbacks were kindly provided by our clients:

We have been with ACE computer service since 2008

We have been and continue to be a rapidly growing business, that being said Debbie and Dion have been a phone call away to ensure all our changes went smoothly. We are a 24/7 oil service company and can cannot afford to have our daily operations slowed down by computer issues. We actually had a fire at our office this past summer, Dion was out bright and early getting us rewired and set-up to ensure we didn’t lose a day’s work.

We have 26 desktops and 36 laptops, 2 servers, and a phone system all serviced by ACE; I recommend the service contract if you have as many needs as us.

Our experience with ACE computer has been fantastic.

Dear Ace Computer Guy

It took a while longer your instructions worked like a charm! I so appreciate your (& Dion’s) help now and in the past. Without it, I’d be lost and floundering in computer hell. Thank you sincerely for the warm and wonderful help.



Awesome Service!

They were great, not only did they fix my computer, but they took the time to answer my questions and show me a few things on my computer.