Bakersfield Small Business IT Consulting

Bakersfield Small Business IT Consulting

The cost of computer hardware has dropped dramatically in the last few years; unfortunately this has not reduced the cost of ownership. With “always-on” internet there is an everyday risk of data corruption. By using the service agreement, small business owners can make use of the convenient support package and lower the total cost of ownership. It is like having a part time IT department.

Small Business IT Servicing Details


  • Cleaning and dusting the fans and internal components.
  • Replacing any malfunctioning hardware
  • Recommend the best and least expensive upgrade to maximize your system


  • All system internet security is up to date and configured correctly
  • All Microsoft service packs and updates are properly installed
  • Remove temporary and unnecessary files that are cluttering your hard disk.
  • Optimize hard disk
  • Remove unnecessary programs and start-ups that are slowing the system
  • Remove annoying pop-ups and advertisements
  • Detect registry and operating system problems
  • Optimize your network
  • Find a solution for any software glitches you may have